South Dakota’s Deer and Elk Transportation Rules Have Changed

To limit the spread of CWD, the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department has updated rules for transporting deer and elk harvested in certain hunting units west of the Missouri River. Photo by Andrew Johnson

Pierre, S.D. — There are new transportation and disposal regulations for deer and elk harvested in many areas west of the Missouri River related to chronic wasting disease (CWD).

In a nutshell, if you harvest a deer or elk in a CWD endemic area (see maps below) and take any portion of that carcass to a non-endemic CWD area, you must dispose any carcass remains in your garbage container (if allowed by your waste management provider), an approved landfill or leave the butchered carcass in the field where the animal was harvested.

For a complete list of regulations, click here.

For answers to frequently asked questions, click here.

To learn more about CWD, where it occurs, surveillance efforts, testing and what you can do to reduce its spread, click here

If you have questions after reviewing the information provided above, please contact SDGFP big game biologist Chad Switzer.

These new rules are in place to slow the spread of CWD. Help us #PROTECTYOURHERD by properly disposing of animal carcasses.