Reetz Lake Reopened to Public Access


Reetz Lake, a nonmeandered body of water south of Webster, S.D., has been reopened to public access, according to a news release from the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department.

Due to the access agreement GFP signed with landowners to reopen the fishery, the public-access period will close Sept. 30. In 2019, the lake will be open to licensed anglers from May 1 to Sept. 30.

Anglers should note that the revised fishing regulations adopted by the GFP Commission will not take effect until the administrative rules process is complete, and the earliest the new regulations would take effect is Sept. 10.

Here are the daily fish limits for Reetz Lake until Sept. 10:

• One walleye or sauger 28 inches or greater.

• Largemouth and smallmouth bass less than 14 inches can be taken, and only one greater than 18 inches.

• Statewide regulations apply for all other fish species.

Here are the revised daily fish limits that will be in effect on Reetz from Sept. 10-30, as well as during future fishing seasons:

• One walleye or sauger 28 inches or greater.

• One yellow perch 14 inches or greater.

• One black crappie 15 inches or greater.

• One bluegill 10 inches or greater.

• Statewide regulations will apply for all other fish species.