Winterkill Takes Its Toll on 13 North Dakota Lakes


North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries biologists investigated winterkill at 13 lakes this spring, and some were considered significant enough to affect the quality of fishing.
Popular fishing lakes that appear to have suffered significant winterkill include:
• Spring Lake, Bowman County
• Davis Dam, Slope County
• Round Lake, Kidder County
• Wentz WPA, Logan County
• School Section Lake, Rolette County
• Cavanaugh Lake, Ramsey County
• Matejcek Dam, Walsh County
• Casselton Reservoir, Cass County
• Bisek Slough, Richland County
Fisheries biologists sample suspected winterkill lakes to assess the severity of the die-off and make plans to restock fish where needed. Some lakes that were sampled and still have good populations of fish include Coal Lake in McLean County and Island Lake in Rolette County. Minor winterkills in some other lakes were not significant enough to affect fishing.
Anglers can contact fisheries biologists at local NDGF district offices for more information on the status of specific lakes or to report fish kills that may not be on the list.
— Staff reports