Editor’s Note: The summer lull — we’ve got you covered


By Andrew Johnson

With the school year being over and summer activities in full swing, many people are taking advantage of the warmer weather we’ve had in the Dakotas for the last week or so. And while people are eager to hit the lake or their favorite campground, it seems the “newness” of the season eventually wears off and folks settle into what can be considered a summer lull.

Lulls are common to outdoorsmen and women. For example, in October deer hunters often lament the lull that occurs as deer prepare for the upcoming rut in early November. Ice fishermen experience a lull after early ice when the ice-fishing action quickly subsides. And during spring, turkey hunters loathe the time period when the woods are quiet, as most of the gobblers are henned up and don’t feel like talking too much after they’ve flown down off the roost.

The summer lull is a bit different, though. While there’s an argument to be made for the fact it’s tougher to catch fish midsummer as opposed to the spring, there isn’t really a singular event or timetable that defines the summer lull. It just sorta happens gradually as June and July come and go before the Dog Days of August arrive.

The summer lull, however, provides ample opportunity for sportsmen to gear up for fall, and here at Outdoor Forum we’re already planning our fall issues to help you enjoy the outdoors even more. If you’re unfamiliar with our schedule, we publish six printed issues a year, each with a dedicated theme:

• January — Ice fishing

• April — Fishing super issue

• June — Summer issue

• August — Archery/waterfowl issue

• October — Pheasant super issue

• November — Big-game issue

Regardless of theme, every issue also contains dedicated columns written by field experts on fishing, deer, pheasants and waterfowl.

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